My Garden: What Stayed and What Left

I haven’t written about my garden in ages. Partly because I’ve been working in it whenever I’ve had the opportunity (lots, if you make the effort!), partly because I’ve been studying after hours and then partly because I’ve been enjoying the few moments I’ve had free having a social life. As one does. However, I reckon it’s about time I just sped you all up on what’s going on.

Since we last cast an eye soilwards, summer has seemingly arrived early here in the Winelands, prematurely booting spring off her floral throne. It’s been hot and dry already and that’s only supposed to kick in in a month or so. Roughly six months ago, I had only one raised bed made and installed and nary a vegetable in sight.

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How To Clean Up How You Clean Up

Well, finally, after years of Google searches, I have my own consignment of Castile soap on the way. What’s that, you may ask? And rightly so. The emotive answer is that it’s the thing that’s going to free me from chemical household cleaners. The pragmatic answer is that it’s a soap that’s made mostly from olive oil, but can be made from other vegetable oils, and comes in solid or liquid form.

So, with this liquid soap, I will endeavour to make my own dishwashing liquid, my own all-purpose cleaner and of course, a little something for the bowl. An almost-pun.

Then, once I have gained joy, I will see what else I can concoct.

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