Saving Water 201: When Nature Calls

The water situation in the Cape is still spectacularly dire. If you want to read up about it, here are some articles from City of Cape Town, eNCA and News24 to get you up to speed, and my previous blog post about the basics of saving water.

So, ever the problem-solver, I’ve been wondering how I could step up my game. This is the part where the super-squeamish among you need to close the browser and step away from the screen. Not that I think what I’m about to divulge is unhygienic, but I know the preconceived ideas out there. I know that what I am about to tell is going to gross a few people out because it already has. That said, some people have thought quite the opposite, so I hope to win a few people over because I seldom do things of this nature without good reason.

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The Garden is Slowly Coming Together

Now that its winter in the southern hemisphere, good weather on a weekend is at a premium. If the weather is good when I wake up, I find myself cancelling social events scheduled for later the day  because it could be raining the next day. Well, that’s how it goes in the Cape anyway.

Such a day happened this Sunday past. I woke up, shuffled outside with my coffee at hand and slippers on, and realised as I squinted in the sun towards the mountains with not a cloud in sight, today cannot be spent inside!

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A Take on the Philosophy of Permaculture

Embarking on this journey to grow my own fresh produce by way of permaculture has so far been hugely rewarding and I have not even grown one thing yet. Here is the next installment.

After plucking out all sorts of vegetation from my garden, I took stock of what needed to happen next. Besides, of course, making sure that everything I plucked out went into the composting bin (which still needs to be constructed, so I’ve parked the leftovers on the lawn for now). It will be a nice big one.

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The Haptic Feedback of Life

You know that little drilling sound when you get a new smartphone and press the screen? Every press and tap you make responds with a little vibration. It’s called haptic feedback. Press, buzz … press, buzz … Until it drives you mad and you turn off the function (term used very loosely). Does anyone know what it’s for, before having to check it out online?

Life’s been a bit like that for me lately. Every action I take is mirrored by some type of feedback that’s well annoying! But unlike with the smartphone, you can’t switch this off.

Or can you?

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