Wisdom is Filtered With Wrinkles

I had the undiluted pleasure of having tea with my 84-year old neighbour this weekend. Despite the fact that I was 5 days late for the appointment, he was most forgiving and even looked quite chuffed to see me.

We talked about many things. Well, he mostly talked about many things and I listened. There was a lot to be heard and seen in his little house. Such as how what we eat influences our health and that this should be one of our main priorities in life. Not just what we eat, but how we eat. In other words, to eat with consideration for where food comes from and where it’s going, particularly the packaging, and what it does.

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How to Deal With Supernovas

The short description of a supernova is a star that has just ended its life in an explosion. It’s a nice description, but I much more prefer the long description, which you can find on Wikipedia, should you feel wary of trusting my interpretation below.

In space, we have stars of all sizes. Most of us know that our sun is big, but as far as stars go, it’s pretty puny. So, it will probably not ever get to be a supernova (oh, the irony!) because from what I understand, this status is reserved for big stars called supergiants. These can have the brightness 10 billion times the sun, just to get you in the picture. Small mercies, eh? Continue reading

About Pressing the Counter to Zero

When REM “lost their religion”, they were supposedly standing in a corner. Me, I’m not sure where exactly I was. I suspect all over the place, because it was a long process. But after almost a year of confusion and turmoil (crisis if you want), I have decided that the only rational way forward is to press the counter on what I believe to zero. Not that I hate or regard with derision the beliefs I held, or those who still do, I just needed to press the button for myself. I will not expound on the process and reasons here, but will gladly be willing to share my experience over coffee/tea/wine.

I do know that I now stand in an open field.

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Launching a Book Without Knowing Where it Lands

Last night I went to my first book launch. I managed to throw it quite far. I like that one. But, silly joke aside. No, it was not the launch of my first book, but the first time I have attended the launch of someone else’s book. Just so that we’re clear on the details.

Despite the content being quite timely for me, the venue was also on the way home from work. “Schweet!”, I thought, when I saw the invite on Facebook, “Let’s go!”

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