Life is not always a box of chocolates. Quite often it resembles a pretzel, tangled to the max. I like it nonetheless and I want to share my experiences.

My interests include all things green – from basic recycling to figuring out what it means to have an eco-lifestyle – even the new technology being developed and used in this field. I enjoy reading fiction, spending time with my friends, going to gigs, running, hiking, faffing, watching movies, writing poems and creating content for this here blog. All, as you can see, in the continuous tense.

I have worked in South Africa and England as a translator, copywriter, editor, proofreader and project manager for languages. Sometimes I smatter some French.

Currently home is South Africa, right in the middle of a few vineyards. You could therefore understand that sitting on my stoep (also known as Patio Fantastico), looking at life pass between myself and the mountains in the distance is also a favourite pass-time.

But sometimes I live in the UK, in the middle of wherever I find myself. One day, I’ll be able to add a few places to this list, such as Bordeaux and Calpe. Follow me and see where I end up. But don’t forget your own places. Go!

If you want to say hi, drop me a line, or follow me on Bloglovin’ (the button is on the right) or subscribe via email (at the bottom of the page). I’d love to hear from you.



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