A Note About Essence

I am not sure when exactly I wrote this, but it was about two or three years ago. It got lost in all the papers I shoved into a box at some stage (from desk to pile on desk to box in bookcase, as it were) and I rediscovered it the other day while gutting said box.

It was obviously directed at myself, but I think that it may be of use to others. I certainly feel the challenge and a sense of urgency. Continue reading


Saving Water 201: When Nature Calls

The water situation in the Cape is still spectacularly dire. If you want to read up about it, here are some articles from City of Cape Town, eNCA and News24 to get you up to speed, and my previous blog post about the basics of saving water.

So, ever the problem-solver, I’ve been wondering how I could step up my game. This is the part where the super-squeamish among you need to close the browser and step away from the screen. Not that I think what I’m about to divulge is unhygienic, but I know the preconceived ideas out there. I know that what I am about to tell is going to gross a few people out because it already has. That said, some people have thought quite the opposite, so I hope to win a few people over because I seldom do things of this nature without good reason.

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Litter: The Undesired Way to Market a Brand

On 2 January I went to the beach with my neighbour. He’s an avid surfer and came knocking on my door first thing to join him for the day. To give some background, my plan had originally been to go to the beach on 1 January, but in the coastal areas of South Africa, that is one of the few days of the year that it seems everyone and their friend is at the beach. Thousands of people descend upon the beach, making traffic and finding parking and a little spot on the beach a veritable nightmare. So postponing this outing for one day seemed reasonable.

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What Courage Feels Like

It’s taken me many years to really understand courage. It’s a tough concept, if you think about it. Not that I think I know it all, but I think I know enough at this stage of my life.

Sometimes, when I want to understand what something is, I first try to define what it is not. So, this is my take… Courage is not impulsiveness, ignorance, sorrowful, desperate, insecure, indecisive, etc. You get the idea. On the other hand, I feel that courage is the following: To not sell out on you despite the world whispering in your ear to be something else. To make sure you know who you are and what’s important to you, and what it is in life that makes it all go around. To be deliberate about choices. Now. Not tomorrow. To have fear, but to not make it your deciding factor, but just another one of the many factors, or to even make it your catalyst. Continue reading