My Winter-time Garden Revamp Has Started

A few weeks ago, I attended an introductory course on permaculture. I loved every second of it and am inspired to get as many of the principles going in my patch of 18sqm and on my patio.

This is what my garden looked like a few weeks ago. I took the photo to show the view from the other side for a change. I’m constantly banging on about the view I have of the mountains from the patio, so thought this would give some perspective. In retrospect it’s not the best perspective, but all the better before pics were on my phone which was stolen recently. But you should get the idea!

Since taking this photo, I have cleared out most of the patch on the right (as you are sitting now, looking at it) because that is where I will install two raised beds. The one bed I will be making from scratch with the help of a friend who knows how to work a drill (and is giving me lessons so I don’t injure all and sundry in the process), and the other one, I am repurposing from a traditional 3/4 bed. The idea came to me when I had near heart failure at the price of raised beds at timber yards and nurseries, and the fact that the wood is often treated with CCA. Also, well … the word ‘bed’ jangled a few loose creative brain cells! Surely if I bought a secondhand bed base, I could just rearrange some of the wood? Not only do they already have sturdy frames, but household pine is generally not treated. Win-win situation. I’ve managed to remove the cross slats so far, so just need to figure out how I’m going to reattach them.  I’ll keep you posted on that!

Then I’ve also started using the composted soil from my first composting heap. I started it about two years ago and it looks better than the stuff you buy. I am insanely chuffed with this and am going to be building a big-ass composting bin behind the palm tree from used pallets. I’ve levelled the area already, so now just need to put them together.

Lastly, I have started getting seeds together and planted out some of the seedlings that have sprouted since the permaculture course. We’ll see how they fare. So far nothing but the ground cover has said sayonara and that was entirely my fault.

The cleared patch is there, right behind the dill and some plant I have yet to identify.

The cleared patch is there, right behind the dill and some plant I have yet to identify.

Excited much? You bet your bottom dollar I am. Soon I’ll be bypassing the overpriced and overtreated ‘fresh’ produce at the supermarket and be getting my goodies from my own garden.

Free. Mahala. Gratis!


3 thoughts on “My Winter-time Garden Revamp Has Started

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