Saving Water: A Cheat Sheet to 50 Litres a Day

This image has been going around social media and online news in South Africa, particularly the Cape, in the last week. From 1 February, in the run-up to #DayZero, Capetonians will be restricted to only 50 litres water a day. Have you wondered what that looks like in reality?

In all honesty, I find it easier to plan my water use per week as there are things that don’t happen every day, e.g. laundry.

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Untrashing the Beach 

My friend, Carla, and I went to pick up some trash on Strand beach yesterday. We each picked up one shopping bag’s worth – that’s two bags of trash that will not be going into the ocean…  We found mostly cigarette butts, crisp packets and restaurant mint wrappers.

We could have picked up trash until sunset, but we stuck to one bag each because it gets quite depressing! Especially when people who are actively littering just look at you as if you’re being the freak and not them. I guess it’s part of the journey. One person at a time. There were some really cool people though, who asked about us picking up trash and agreeing wholeheartedly. Sometimes, the most unlikely people.

Once again a reminder to not assume things about people because of prevailing stereotypes. And be kind, always. It’s the best vehicle for communication.

The Tangled Pretzel is Now A Wild Flower

I’ve changed the site’s name to match the way things have naturally gone on this site, towards green and holistic living. These are two of my passions and I’d like to make that more obvious in the title.

Hope you like it! I sure do. I’ve kept the URL in order to also keep my sanity. Ha ha!

Hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more this year!

Saving Water 301: Looking Beyond Today

In the last year or so, I haven’t written much on my blog. After a day of writing at the office, the desire to write after hours is often neither overwhelming nor compelling. But I think this is important. Feel free to catch up with 101 and 201 in the respective links.

For those who don’t know, the beautiful Cape, my home and where I was born and bred, is currently in the grip of a spiralling drought. The city of Cape Town is predicted to be the first major city in the world to run out of water. I’m guessing they mean modern city. Whoever they are.

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Saving Water 201: When Nature Calls

The water situation in the Cape is still spectacularly dire. If you want to read up about it, here are some articles from City of Cape Town, eNCA and News24 to get you up to speed, and my previous blog post about the basics of saving water.

So, ever the problem-solver, I’ve been wondering how I could step up my game. This is the part where the super-squeamish among you need to close the browser and step away from the screen. Not that I think what I’m about to divulge is unhygienic, but I know the preconceived ideas out there. I know that what I am about to tell is going to gross a few people out because it already has. That said, some people have thought quite the opposite, so I hope to win a few people over because I seldom do things of this nature without good reason.

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