5 Cheap and Simple Green Beauty Hacks

Listen, I’m no girly girl by a long stretch of the imagination. However, I do see the advantage of tarting up and primping now and then. Being nature/organically inclined, and also not a fan of waste, I thought I’d share a few tips with you. Most of these will be for the ladies, I guess, but hey, perhaps the gents will find some of these useful too!

Disclaimer time … this is stuff I do and find useful. There may be a few eyebrows raised or winces, but these work for me and have done so for some time. It may not work for you.

Let’s start with mascara. It’s getting a bit clumpy, and you want to throw it out?  Try a drop (one drop to start with, you really don’t need a lot, else you’ll thin it out too much  Continue reading