My Ears Have Been Tuned

While I enjoy listening to most kinds of music (as long as it’s good), one genre I almost actively avoid is Afrikaans music, when possible. Don’t ask me why, but perhaps it has to do with the vast amounts of crap out there in my other mother tongue. It’s almost like I just can’t bear taking the chance of stumbling upon any of it on say, YouTube, while trying to listen to the good stuff. I simply can’t expose my ears to it.

However, I suspect this is not unique to South Africa and Afrikaans.

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5 Cheap and Simple Green Beauty Hacks

Listen, I’m no girly girl by a long stretch of the imagination. However, I do see the advantage of tarting up and primping now and then. Being nature/organically inclined, and also not a fan of waste, I thought I’d share a few tips with you. Most of these will be for the ladies, I guess, but hey, perhaps the gents will find some of these useful too!

Disclaimer time … this is stuff I do and find useful. There may be a few eyebrows raised or winces, but these work for me and have done so for some time. It may not work for you.

Let’s start with mascara. It’s getting a bit clumpy, and you want to throw it out?  Try a drop (one drop to start with, you really don’t need a lot, else you’ll thin it out too much  Continue reading