A Note About Essence

I am not sure when exactly I wrote this, but it was about two or three years ago. It got lost in all the papers I shoved into a box at some stage (from desk to pile on desk to box in bookcase, as it were) and I rediscovered it the other day while gutting said box.

It was obviously directed at myself, but I think that it may be of use to others. I certainly feel the challenge and a sense of urgency.

The story can now begin. The one that wakes you up at night.

Write. Anything. Any language. Any time. Type, paint, sing, speak, mime the words. The important words. Never again the empty words.

Imagine you only have a certain number of words left to use. What would you do? What would you say? What would you write? What would you sing?

How would you be? What would you wear? What would you discard? What would you take on board?

How, I ask you, will you feed your soul, your heart, your mind and your body?

Would you dare be a true citizen of Life?


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