The Value of Rejection

So, recently again, I was made aware of the sting of fundamental rejection.

However, the older I become, I more often also see the value of it. With every instance, I become increasingly resigned to it as a fact of life, in particular modern life. But I also see it as an opportunity to grow. To become a bit more comfortable in my own skin, and to keep up the search for those who will in fact not turn away. Who will stick around.

Because once someone accepts you warts and all, that is where the good stuff lies. Where the growth begins. Few and far between are the good things that happen in a comfort zone. Those who love and accept you will not allow you to wallow there, but will see your potential, even more so than you. They’ll be around for what they can give, and for what you can give. Not for what they can take.

So, if someone rejects you, see it, but see it for what it truly is. Change. Change for the better.

This song by Green Day, 21 Guns, sums it up somewhat.

One, 21 Guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 Guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I…


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