The Garden is Slowly Coming Together

Now that its winter in the southern hemisphere, good weather on a weekend is at a premium. If the weather is good when I wake up, I find myself cancelling social events scheduled for later the day  because it could be raining the next day. Well, that’s how it goes in the Cape anyway.

Such a day happened this Sunday past. I woke up, shuffled outside with my coffee at hand and slippers on, and realised as I squinted in the sun towards the mountains with not a cloud in sight, today cannot be spent inside!

I wasn’t too sure of what needed to get done, so decided to plant out a few plants that were due for bigger and better climes. If only a into bigger pot and a nicer spot on my patio. First up was the aloe, it was still in the nursery bag, so out it came and into the big pot on the patio. I packed the bottom of the pot with gravel and stones I found on the farm, to help with drainage, then layered the soil and compost, and added some bone meal. The buchu plant went into an old steel tub (rusted in places which is also good for drainage, with a nasty-looking black widow living at the bottom in one of the indents, good for something, I suppose).

Anyway, I also managed to build the big compost heap, which I didn’t think I’d have time for, but it ended up being quite easy and took hardly any time to do. The trick was to get the ground level, so instead of digging, I just took some of the fallen palm fronds and stacked those until the ground was reasonably level and the rest of the gaps and wobbles I filled with blocks of wood I had lying around. Lastly, I packed a layer of cardboard (you guessed it, dismantled wine boxes) to kill off any strange seeds to prevent them getting into the compost eventually. Well, as much as one can with the south-easter.  I then took three pallets and attached them with cable ties. I bought the longest ones I could find and made them longer by linking two together. It works like a charm! The compost heap structure was (still is!) stable, so I attached a netted wind break that was also lying around on the farm. Scavenging is seemingly the way forward. Not only is it free, it’s eco-friendly!

So yes, things are coming together nicely. I will have to get a move on with building the second raised bed though. Besides the fact that the intensity of winter is unpredictable these days, I have no idea how soon it will be spring. And I’m also missing being able to use the space the wood is taking up in my house. So, that’s the next thing to get done, I guess.

Wish me luck! It’s going to take a bit of noggin, some elbow grease and probably at least one bottle of wine shared over a braai. What a prospect … Feel free to join in!


2 thoughts on “The Garden is Slowly Coming Together

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