Black Friday – What’s the Deal?

This is the talk of the week, I guess, this Black Friday thing. On social media and everywhere we go, posters up, newspapers splashed with deals coming, and pamphlets … You name it, we’re aware of it. Big bargains coming …!

But I’m not so sure. I’d like to think it’s a symptom of the society we live in. The one where we buy without turning the thing we are buying around.

That said then, the problem is probably not The Day and Event itself. It’s the lemming-like role it plays in rampant consumerism. We have a finite planet, but seemingly infinite bank accounts, despite professing that things are tough. I beg to differ. Things from where I sit, are not tough. Not affluent and blow your cash as you please, but hell, ask the folk who have a fraction of what we have what tough means.

I dunno [intentional American English slang], maybe I’m too …? I dunno … any ideas? Green? Aware of my environment and the tiny but cumulative role I play in it? I despair.

Anyway, Matt Walsh writes a good piece on it in the Huffington Post.

And, the original Story of Stuff may be an oldie, but it’s still as relevant as it was the day it first aired.

I have nothing to add.


7 thoughts on “Black Friday – What’s the Deal?

  1. It’s another Americanism which we can do without. Often suppliers offloading goods.

    In my experience if you know what you want and shop around ( as we do for 51 weeks a year) you can get the same or even better result.

    Don’t spend what you can’t afford.


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  2. We need a new economic system that does not rely on continual growth. I have been saying this for years, but still get ridiculed by the majority, who tell me I am not in the real world. My world is real to me and will hopefully still be around when the real world has turned round and bitten most of humanity on the arse.

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  3. The Story of Stuff summed things up better than any other attempts I’ve seen and like you said it’s still completely relevant (which is actually rather discouraging, to be honest). When I first saw it, it totally changed my perspective on consumerism and material things. I wish everyone would watch it and be as strongly affected by it as I was, then it would really make a difference. I liked your lemming comparison. I live in Norway and have been surprised and disappointed to see Black Friday ads creeping in over here lately too. It’s really the exact polar opposite of the direction things should be going. :-/


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