About Hitting a Matrimonial Half Century – Not Out

Today I don’t have much to say, because I don’t actually know much about the topic, except as a spectator. But I must mention it, because even so it does affect me to an extent, and it is about people whom I love very much after all.

The topic is: Being (“staying” perhaps more accurate, ha ha!) married for 50 years. If I get married today, which I’d like to remind everyone, is more unlikely than anything else that could happen today, I’m going to need to live until I’m in my 90s to manage this feat. Needless to say, I’m not exactly holding my breath to become an expert. My parents, however, would have managed this tomorrow, 5 November 2016. They got married on Saturday, 5 November 1966, in Durban and from what I can tell, the adventure hasn’t stopped yet.

So what to take from this? I actually don’t really know. I suppose most of all, I’m grateful for them sticking to their guns. I’m sure they had very little idea of what they were actually letting themselves in for on that day.

Their stability is something that makes many a rocky day easier for me, even from another continent away. I’m not sure how that works, but I don’t think it’s important that I do. All I know is that we never know how people can affect us or play a role in our lives.

My parents are awesome people and I am chuffed as cheese to have them as mine. They constantly inspire me with their energy and lust for life. They’ve managed to “feed” the masses with their proverbial two fish and five loaves. They are well loved by many. They’ve taught me that kindness, compassion and being silly and real (as in really real) is cool. And that perhaps they still don’t always know what they’re doing and that’s OK. They’re doing it anyway.

Here’s to my favourite recycled teenagers. Enjoy your golden anniversary in Albufeira! Please don’t kill each other.  🙂

PS: While clearing out boxes and boxes of family memories, I came across the restaurant bill for their 8th anniversary. Ironically, it is the one after I was born. As you can see, they needed to splash out. I’m sure if I sit long enough, I’ll be able to figure out who had what.


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