My Tree-mendous Love

I love trees. No wait. I fucking LOVE trees.

If I had to pick my favourite thing in nature, it would be trees. And I have many favourite things in nature! If I could live in a tree, I would. I can stare at them for hours. Touch them, sit underneath them and be happy instantly. Listen to them for even longer, when the wind blows through their leaves and the sounds that bring me peace and fuel my imagination.

This is how trees make me feel. I’d be hard pressed to write a decent case why, but a friend recently sent me a link about trees and …well, it seems I don’t have to make the case. This story, much like a radio story, makes me so excited that I have to share it! Click >here< to listen to it. Trees are just incredible, besides all the obvious oxygen and shade and medicinal and practical uses. These stalwarts, trunks of certainty, service and intelligence. Humility and yet towering splendour.

In fact, can I just cash in my human card and be a tree instead? There are perils to both, but at least a tree is a tree, and it refuses to be anything else.

Next best then, to be more realistic … When I die, just wrap my body around the roots at the base of a tree, to rest there forever.

To be part of that secret life in South Africa (or Zambia), head over to Greenpop‘s website. They have a way of making you do amazing stuff!

If you live elsewhere, a quick Google search will show you how you can be part of it in your country. If you’re still unsure, maybe these amazing photos of ancient trees by Beth Moon will inspire you!


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