Another Way to Use Sunshine

I haven’t written much more about my permaculture trip, but a good reason is that not much new has been going on there. It’s peacefully boring, just a bit of “therapeutic” cleaning up here and there and some good old procrastination on building the second raised bed. There have also been several distractions off the farm, so while I have had the time and the inclination to be distracted, why not?

However, one thing that I’m as chuffed as cheese about is buying a World Panel solar charger, the SunStream Plus to be precise, for my smartphone recently. Ordered it online and it made its ecofriendly self my way in a few days. It can charge other devices, such as tablets and notebooks, but I don’t own much gadgetry in that category.

Let me tell you… It works like a bomb! I tried it out on Saturday while the sun was out and it started charging my phone immediately and pretty much at the same speed as an electrical outlet. It’s a thing of beauty too! I got myself one that’s bright blue, but there are other colours you can choose from.

I’m impressed. Sure, I’m not going to reduce my electricity bill by astronomical amounts, but I’ll be consuming a little bit less of the unpredictable and lame Eskom grid. I also like to think that if you multiply a little by a lot, you end up getting a lot. Hint hint… As opposed to multiplying a lot with nothing, which always gives you nothing. Hell, even I can do those sums. 😉


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