Wisdom is Filtered With Wrinkles

I had the undiluted pleasure of having tea with my 84-year old neighbour this weekend. Despite the fact that I was 5 days late for the appointment, he was most forgiving and even looked quite chuffed to see me.

We talked about many things. Well, he mostly talked about many things and I listened. There was a lot to be heard and seen in his little house. Such as how what we eat influences our health and that this should be one of our main priorities in life. Not just what we eat, but how we eat. In other words, to eat with consideration for where food comes from and where it’s going, particularly the packaging, and what it does.

We also talked about energy, and he explained to me how photons work and their relevance to human beings. I am so excited about this, but will need to read up a lot before I can even start to write a decent blog post about it. From what I understand, it will be helpful in the journey I am on, to find my little spot in the universe.

In the relatively short time I was there, I ate a few of his dried olives, drank tea (he was amazed that Rooibos tastes good without sweetening it and we experimented adding coconut milk – it works!), he showed me his sun oven, his containers of olives being pickled, his sprouter and how it works, his awards for his writing and many contributions to society, a painting of his late wife, gave me his most comfortable chair to sit on and let me scratch his parakeet’s head. He told me about how he takes care of his health (he’s as healthy as can be), the weather site he runs with a friend (iweathar.co.za), explained some interesting translation issues from Hebrew to English and Afrikaans, and to get back to photons, the photographs he has taken showing the energy of things, by using special lenses.

I felt like I needed a nap after all this!

This kindly gentleman has a lot of wisdom to impart but is also still open to learning from others. His humility, kindness and generosity is almost baffling.

Interestingly, he didn’t finish school and didn’t go to university immediately (he is currently studying through Unisa). But he has always had a keen mind and worked hard. He’s retired, but I still don’t know where he gets time in the day to do all the things he does. At one stage in our conversation, he looked at me and made his main point of the day. Never worry about what others think about you, especially if they only want to criticise and squash you into their box. So what if we don’t agree? What is going on in your life has nothing to do with others. And what is going on in theirs, has nothing to do with you.

As long as you live in harmony with love, faith and hope don’t sweat the small stuff, and trust your gut.

I left his house energised and upbeat. I think I need to visit him more often!


2 thoughts on “Wisdom is Filtered With Wrinkles

  1. Awesome and very inspiring! There probably is nothing more uplifting than spending time with an oracle-like individual like this friend of yours. Reminds me so much about my own 84 year old father.


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