You Can’t Hyperventilate With a Mask

Recently, while nuking myself with the standard morning rocket fuel (coffee), I came across this rather lovely piece of wisdom by a gentleman called James Baldwin. I’ll wait while you read. You can read it again, if you like.

Oh, man!

Haven’t we all had a time when we were confronted by this? Perhaps not in one fell swoop, but over a period of time, with realisation just coming to you like a flower opening up or a long sunrise. As for myself, I had to stand in front of the proverbial mirror without a mask and actually open my eyes, to first  simply take in the reflection without fear, then dig deep and understand it, feel comfortable with it, love it (whoah!) and then to show that reflection to the rest of the world. It’s a work in progress, I tell you. But the fear I was living with and in was not worth it anymore. Not one jot. Except of course to bring me to the point of reflection. In fact, I don’t think I even knew that I was in a state of fear of certain things.

For me, fear was a thing directly connected to rejection, followed by lack of trust and the struggle with truth. Oh, and hurt, of course. I mean, who wants to be hurt right?

Cue the moment when you start learning that hurt will always happen, along with rejection and untrustworthy people. These are not the problem after all, but rather regarding them with fear. This way you are certain not to grow. And that is truly something to fear! Instead, think a bit more, cultivate perspective and understanding, sprinkle it with compassion (where required) and carry love around with you wherever you go. Be aware of it. Be someone who is truthful and trustworthy no matter what. (But be sure to know what these things mean before you lope off into the sunset.)

Brown. Paper. Bag.

You know what? Yay for Mr Baldwin for reminding me how far I’ve come but that I’m not allowed to rest on my laurels. More fear factor moments to come (I have my brown paper bags ready) but much more good stuff too. In the end, our fears are largely unfounded. So, take off the mask and show the true you!

PS: If standard attempts fail, there’s always wine to help. I have that ready too.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Hyperventilate With a Mask

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