A Song for a Rainy Thursday

It’s raining today, again, after a very dry winter last year and summer not bringing much relief either. I love that it’s raining! We desperately need it in the Western Cape, heck, the whole of South Africa!

This morning, once at the office, I started working at quite a gallop, which means I usually put on my headphones in order not to be distracted. Fat load of good that did me.

On came this song below, reminding me … yep, we’re just flesh and bone. And if you take a moment to think about it, that’s not a bad thing, even a good thing. It means we’ll make something of this life, because we have to. Despite the challenges, such as imminent drought. And sometimes that drought is physical and external, where the rainfall is low, and sometimes it’s inside of us. Where the courage, resilience and love runs low.

But again, that’s not a bad thing either. Enjoy the dust for what it is. See it and learn all you can about it while you can. Because soon, the rain will come, when it must.


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