Recalibrate Your Resolutions: 2016

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like my new year’s resolution(s) for 2016 to be, and have a few ideas already. However, what I’ve also been thinking is that if you’re so resolute to do something differently, why wait? What’s more, if there are good reasons for you not being able to start on 1 January, why not make your own new starting date, when the time would be (more) advantageous?

The motivation to embark on your journey or to start your task should propel you into action, not some random date. Because let’s face it folks, days and months and years are all just numbers (I can feel a few numerologists grimacing out there). Sure, they’re handy for deadlines, but when you’re fixed on making a change, don’t let it dictate your actions. Waiting for the first day of the year to make a change when you’re ready now may also just add stress to the situation.

Rather use dates as your incentive to take action, in other words, start now with the end in mind. If you can’t start now, decide when is the best date to start for you.

So, if you really feel the need to celebrate a resolution in 1 January? Then you really have something to be festive about – how far you have already come and what you will accomplish next!


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