About Pressing the Counter to Zero

When REM “lost their religion”, they were supposedly standing in a corner. Me, I’m not sure where exactly I was. I suspect all over the place, because it was a long process. But after almost a year of confusion and turmoil (crisis if you want), I have decided that the only rational way forward is to press the counter on what I believe to zero. Not that I hate or regard with derision the beliefs I held, or those who still do, I just needed to press the button for myself. I will not expound on the process and reasons here, but will gladly be willing to share my experience over coffee/tea/wine.

I do know that I now stand in an open field.

About a week ago I had a conversation with a friend, and finally felt that I was moving in a direction of sorts again. As we sat talking,  unexpectedly caught in the drizzle, the fog lifted somewhat on a few thoughts I’ve been mulling over. Accordingly, my emotions settled a bit too.

In short, the last few years have by and large sucked. I can’t say it was all bad, hardly, I’ve had some of my best memories from these years, but personally, I’ve had to deal with a lot of stuff that was unexpected and I was not prepared for. Many questions popped up. Why? Why not? What the heck was/is going on?

I am not sure how to write about this, hence the reason I have been banging on about emotions and feelings so much. Trying to figure out what the exact words are is no mean feat!

Therefore suffice it to say I am re-evaluating pretty much everything. There is a quote that goes:

So far, so good.


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