They say that the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. But I’m not so sure that’s always the case. Personally, I’ve had a few thoughts stuck in my head and even my heart … (A thought stuck in the heart!) And I’ve been at loathe to share them because once something is out of your mouth, it’s out of your control and could have effects that are not beneficial to those they are intended for, despite your best intentions. So, some things need to be considered really well before they’re said, or not.

To this end, I read upon his handy formula. I’ve read it before, and it’s quite likely that you have too, but think it’s worth a post today. Perhaps it will help me too with these things I am keeping close to me.

Of course, one needs to consider the merit  of always thinking about things. Sometimes feelings (emotions) are the predominant truth, aren’t they? The internal barometer that indicates truth of another kind. The un-facty truth, the one you can’t always look up on Google to verify.

I watched “The Giver” over the weekend and it struck quite a chord with me. It quite literally showed, albeit with a slightly clunky storyline, how life’s factual component gains some colour with the addition of emotions. It also reminded me of this song (Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town – Pearl Jam), where forgotten things, memories can come rushing back with certain triggers, such as lost loves or friends, or certain sights, sounds and smells.

So what am I saying? Sure, tick off the boxes in the checklist, but if still unsatisfied … dig a bit deeper. And be patient. Look at this thing from different angles, put on other shoes. Then decide. And trust that you’ve done and said the right thing.

Recently I read this Dummies guide on how guitar strings and frets work. I know, it’s pretty straight-forward if you think about it, but I went ahead and read it anyway. Glad I did, because in this rudimentary explanation, I found this little gem: “The important thing to remember is that a guitar makes the sound, but you make the music.”

And that, I guess, is what I’m getting at.

When you communicate, do it with your brain and heart, as applicable. You turn the schproing schproing into a song.

Ironically, last night, I ended up in conversation with my friend, J, about this very topic. I came to the realisation that while I do enjoy a good intellectual debate, as humans, it is emotions that we share! Fear, joy, loss, love, sadness … I certainly don’t share rocket science, even though I am a closet quantum physics reader (but still not really sure what on earth … or uhm, not on earth?). J divulged that he came to a point in his life where he made the decision to not hide his emotions anymore, even if that meant bawling at full throttle in the middle of town. Brave man, but definitely food for thought.

So, in light of all this, my song today, above the almost deafening schproing schproing of fact, is this: “Tu me manques.” Even though I don’t know what that means, in a facty kind of way, it is what I feel.

*My apologies to those of you who were expecting an acrostic for FEEL.


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