Simplification and Letting Go

Recently, I came across this quote from Fight Club again: The things you own end up owning you.

I don’t own much, given, but after some reflection, I do admit that I still own too much. And that most of these things do in a way own me. Take for example the pile of magazines on my desk, or the books in my book case I know I will never read.

But more than the stuff I just have in my house, gathering dust, there are those things I use all the time that I probably don’t need. Or not as much, anyway. I’m thinking all those different types of detergent cluttering my kitchen cupboard, or the different types of creams and lotions and potions beneath the bathroom basin.

So, I have decided to grant myself some space and time to let go of a few things in my house and my daily routine. If all goes well, I will have more room to breathe, to just be, and hope to keep a few things going as the new status quo. And at the same time, to be a bit more green.

In fact, unannounced, since last week, I have not washed my hair. For over about two years, I haven’t used conventional shampoo (only in dire emergencies, in total about 10 times), but have cleaned my hair using a paste of bicarbonate of soda and conditioned with apple cider vinegar. I soon ditched the vinegar as it made me smell like a fish & chips parcel. I have not used the bicarb on my hair for about a week now, only washing it with water and a thorough scrubbing with my finger tips overy other day. So far so good.

Next is the other hair. No razors or epilady for the next few weeks, if only to give my skin a break.

No more banting, but no processed carbohydrates, less meat. I really miss potatoes and brown rice, OK! And geez, I just cannot remember what goes on what list.

The book case has to be decluttered, by one rack at least! The desk needs to be cleared, the mosaic needs to be done. Or packed away. The madly old filing, cleared out. The little bottles in the top cupboard. The list of things I just don’t get to. And so on.

And lest I not forget, in all this I need to be creative again. And I believe I have a hat to make.

So, I will keep you posted. And let you know of the things that no longer own me.


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