Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary …

… How does your garden grow?

So goes the time-old question. Well, I suppose it just does, Mary may have said.

With a bit of food, light and water, of course.

Yesterday afternoon I made some time to spend in my little jungle after neglecting it for many months. And I think that not only does a garden grow with well … gardening, but I think my heart grew quite a bit because of it too. Maybe it’s the English blood, maybe it was just the sunny weather (I was in a T-shirt and jeans in the throws of winter), not a cloud in sight … no sounds except a lot of chirping and tweeting (no twitfaces here, though), and the perpetually glorious view of the mountains.

Patio Fantastico 2

With silver bells and cockleshells … and pretty maids all in a row.

All I needed to round off the picture were a few cows languidly chewing nearby and a butterfly on my forehead. These were not on hand at the time, so I settled for a decent glass of red wine in the end.

Mary would have approved, I’m sure.


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