Detour Via the Graveyard

Perhaps there are some that might find my fascination with graveyards a bit macabre, but it all started in Milan many years ago, when I realised that tombstones there resembled art more than old teeth. They also had heaps of history attached to them from many centuries ago. I maintained my graveyard visits in the UK, particularly when I lived out in Kent, where you could easily discover graves marked from the 1300s a stone’s throw from your front door.

I have not been in any South African graveyards since moving back from England. Until this past Sunday, that is. I was on my way to lunch with friends and their family, and took an unexpected detour (got lost) past the graveyard. Since I was early, I decided to stop and have a look. Well, there was seemingly no art to speak of, but some interesting historical graves nonetheless.

As one does, I also took a few photographs of some of the tombstones. And to top it all off, a summary of it all, with the graveyard in the foreground and the ocean and sky in the background. Little did I know that this was the result of that photo.


When last did you take a half blurred photo by accident? Maybe you can see it too, but for me, it seems like a metaphor for passing from this life to the next, through the gate of death. Taking the detour from the sharp and focused reality that we know, over to the blurry unknown.

And then of course, the little bit of cloud at the top that almost looks like a Van Gogh moon. Life resembling art. Because perhaps it is much more so than we like to believe.


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