When the Moon Hits your Eye Like a Hamburger

We all know the song made famous by Dean Martin. However, on Friday night, I figured out where he got it all wrong. It is indeed not the moon resembling a pizza pie hitting your eye that announces “amoré”. Oh no, it was the gourmet hamburgers we were dished up at the Mulderbosch movie night. I’d go so far as to say that this was the true realisation of “Eat. Pray. Love.” All in one fell and saucy swoop, before the movie had even started.

But the love continued, as it was washed down with some tasty red wine (it was too dark to see the label, but that just sounds like a really good excuse to go back) while sitting on a wonderfully vast expanse of lawn under an even more vast expanse of clear sky and watching Julia Roberts do her stuff. Again. The evening conditions were perfect, and besides the hamburger, the stars of the celestial kind also er … outshone the movie.

I have little more to say here. It was an exceptional experience. Even after having to ask someone to pipe down during the movie. Even after breaking another wine glass wearing THOSE sandals. And even after we only left Mulderbosch at midnight and moved the festivities to Patio Fantastico, and into the small hours.

It reminds me of another song, done by The Four Seasons. You’ll no doubt know it too. “Oh, what a night! Late December back in ’63 … What a very special time for me …!” Except of course, that it was late March 2015, and I think there were a few of us that had a good evening/night/morning out.


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