Schalk Joubert and Robin Auld Walk into a Bar

Have you heard that one? Not? Well, OK, technically 5 Ryneveld is not a bar. But last night these two musos were there. And not only were they there, they were there for free. You could walk in, park your butt down, and just watch. No ticket, no booking, nada.

So why was the venue so empty? I mean, there I had some serious talent and music history barely five metres away from me and uhm … pretty much had the venue to myself, barring a friend and a table of six okes in the corner. Yet for some obscure reason, tickets to go and see (sometimes even mediocre) international acts at stupefying prices sell like hot cakes. Oh, and did I mention that said mahala gig was also roughly two hours long?

What a joke, hey?

You know what? I think the joke’s on everyone that was not there. OK, that’s a lot of people who I may or may not have irked right now, but you know what I mean. That it’s laughable for things like this to go by largely unnoticed. So, I’m informing you now. These two excellent musicians played some fine music last night and you could see they were enjoying it too. I mean guys (literally, men folk), want to take out a girl and stumped for ideas? Here’s one! It’s a no-brainer. Not only will your wallet survive the evening, but your date will be impressed at the venue’s atmosphere, calibre of musician(s) and hence your obvious good taste. And you’ll be supporting SA music.

This kind of information should be spread around a bit more. So here it is, again. Remember, every Wednesday (except when raining), good music. Mahala.


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